Data Backup and Disaster Planning:

One of the biggest mistake people make is that they do not pay attention to any backup solutions for their data or do not create any disaster recovery planning. End result is usually chaos, panic, data loss and money loss. Even when there are data backup solutions in place there is no verification in most cases if they even work or not. Tape Backup is old, slow and not much reliable any more. Tape media is good for one year only and many companies not realizing that fact keep using them over and over year after year. A good disaster recovery solution does not rely completely on Tape Backups or Local Backup Copies only. Tape Backup can fail, Local Backup Copies can get corrupt or in case of a fire get destroyed. There should always be something to fall back on.


  1. HIPPA
  2. Sarbanes Oxley

What we Do and How we Do it

Since we understand the risks involved in data backup and Disaster Recovery we do not rely on a single technology for backup and disaster recovery process. With new laws in place such as HIPPA, SOA etc, it is very critical for financial, healthcare and other included companies to make sure that their data is protected and they have something to fall back on in case of a disaster. Using multi backup strategy is the best line of defense against backup disasters.

Using a combination of technologies like, RAID 5 with hot spare, Local Backup, Offsite Backup, Backup Monitoring, we can provide our customers a solid backup and disaster recovery solution. Offsite backup solutions offer protection against fire, theft and other natural disaster. Those offsite backups can be accessed from any where and are 100 percent HIPAA and SOA compliant and are stored in encrypted form. These backups reside in state of the art data centers with redundant Servers, backups, reduntand power supplies and security system.

Using software technologies from leading backup software makers such as Symantec, Backup Assist, our Backup and Disaster recovery team can ensure a reliable backup routine. Integrating these backup software solutions with offsite backup adds an extra layer of data protection and backup

How it works

Not all companies require all the backup solutions mentioned above. Some companies require a simple solution like a Iomega's REV Drive or an offsite backup. However some companies with extremely important and critical data such as medical organizations, financial institutions require a much more reliable and fail safe solution, that is where our "MBS - Multi Backup Solution" comes in. Let us just assume that we have a "Mortgage Company" that holds records of several clients, uses Microsoft Exchange Server. Their data is very critical and they can not afford to be down for to long. More over they must be compliant to new laws such as "SOA".

Offsite Data Backup solutions Our goal is to ensure that their data is backed up constantly and in case of server crash we can bring them backup online with in a few hours. Using our "MBS - Multi Backup Solution", we will first make sure that their server has a RAID 5 setup with a hot spare. This way if one of their hard drive fails hot spare will take over and send us the notification so we can immediately dispatch a technician out to replace the defective drive. This whole procedure is seamless and transparent to all the users. Server stays up, all users keep working and we replace the defective drive without bringing the server down. Next we make sure that we do a complete image backup of the server using Symantec's Live State Recovery Server software which will backup the server every night or multiple times during the day using Drive Image Technology. This way if the server goes down, we get notified and we can dispatch our Disaster Recovery Team to Recover that server and Re Image it using the backed up images.

Third and last stage is Offsite Backup. Offsite backup can be either be in a remote location or on a backup media that can be placed safely in a fire proof safe or taken offsite by the owner or the office manager. Remote backups are encrypted and can be accessed from any where as long as you have access to the internet.

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