Anti Virus Software:

We sell Anti Virus software manufactured by Trend Micro. Trend Micro offers solutions for residential customers as well as for commercial customers. It has been rated an Excellent software by Consumer Reports, Cnet, Amazon and many other third party review companies. Purchasing this software through us means you will get direct support from us and we will install it for you, free of charge (remotely or on site).

Backup Software:

For backup purposes we recommend and sell Backup Assist, Norton Ghost, Symantec Desktop Live State Recovery and Server Live State recovery. Excellent software that enables you to do real time backups of your hard drives and in the event of a crash, your computer can be restored within a few min back to its original settings right before the crash. We offer Free installation and configuration for Norton Ghost Version 9.0 and 10.0.

Operating System Software:

We offer Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2. Windows XP Home and/or Media center are also available upon request however we recommend Windows XP Professional with SP2 for better security, stability and reliability. We offer installation and configuration for a discounted price on Microsoft Operating Systems.

Productivity Software:

TechnicsOne LLC provides two options for productivity software.

  • Open Office
  • Microsoft Office 2003

Open Office software is free to use and any one can use it. It is compatible with Microsoft Office Applications, however we mainly recommend this product to College students who do not want to spend lot of money on purchasing software to type their reports and make spread sheets and databases etc. Home users can also take advantage of this software since it lets you type, create spread sheets and make databases. Many office users especially small offices will find it a really useful software because they can really reduce their software cost buy using this free software. It enables them to type reports, letters, mailing lists, spread sheets, balance charts, customer databases, presentations and most of all it is compatible with MS Office and even Word Perfect. It has built in PDF converter that will let you convert your files into PDF documents. We provide installation for this software for a minimal charge.


Microsoft Office 2003 is the latest Office software by Microsoft. It offers many excellent features and manageability options. Microsoft Office is the most widely used Office Productivity software that is out there. We recommend this software for any one, college students, home users, small businesses and corporations.
Call for Pricing

Installation and configuration Only $99.99 + Tax

Server Operating System:

Currently we are selling XandrOS Linux Server and Microsoft's latest server product Microsoft Windows 2003 Server. This software comes in different flavors such as Standard, SBS (Small Business Server - which includes Microsoft Exchange), Enterprise. Depending on your organizations size we can recommend the best solution for you. Please contact us for pricing and consultation.

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