If you are looking for a cost effective, solid, reliable, secure, fast desktop, workstaion or server Operating System Xandros Linux is your answer. Technics One LLC can help reduce your IT Cost by providing your organization Linux based software solutions. We are proud to partner up with Xandros Networks to provide our clients one of the leading and best Linux distro for residentil and commercial customers. Click here for a Power Point presentation of Xandros Linux.

Xandros Linux comes in multiple flavors depending on the users. Check out the breif details about each version:

Xandros Home
Xandros Home version includes the following three choices:
  • Xandros Desktop SurfSide - Perfect for people who are only looking to browse the web and accomplish media related tasks on their computers
  • Xandros Desktop Standard - Perfect for people who are looking to accomplish basic desktop tasks, browse the internet etc
  • Xandros Desktop Deluxe - This version offers secure email, web browsing, MS application compatiblity, Music, CD burning, remote desktop (pretty much any thing a home user would want)
Xandros Business
Xandros Business edition mainly offers only one choice called Xandros Business Desktop OS. Xandros Bsuiness Desktop OS is the secure, easy to use, fast, reliable and compatible alternative solution to Windows for any size organization. Take a look at some of the enterprise class features of Xandros Business Desktop OS:
  • Windows 2000/2003 Active Directory Authentication
  • Sun StarOffice 8 with Commercial Support from Sun
  • Drag and drop CD and data DVD burning
  • Run MS Office and other Windows Applications in Xandros
  • Encrypted home folders, personal firewall, PPTP VPN Client, Anti Virus
  • Multi Process and Hyper threading support
Xandos Server
Xandros Server has more to offer than you can imagine. It offers the features, security and functionality of Linux Servers, yet ease of deployment and administration of MS Windows Servers. Take a look at some of the most critical features Xandros Server offers:
  • Simplified Management - using xMC which is very similar to Microsoft Management Console
  • Gropeware Solution - using a customer version of Scalix Groupware providing advanced email, calendaring, shared resources, Outlook integration
  • Data Protection - using enterprise-class BRU backup server no need to purchase additional backup software
  • Windows Interoperability - allows you to make Xandros Server part of a Windows Domain or serve as a Windows Domain Controller
  • Centralized User Management - allows you to manage all users from one point and location, assigning permissions to groups and/or users
  • Streaming Media Server - Xandros Server includes RealNetworks Helix Server, which is a streaming media server
  • Some of the other features Xandros Server includes are Certificate Manager, DNS Server, DHCP Server, File Server, Firewall, FTP Server, Print Server, Proxy Server, Routing, SSH Server, Storage Manager, Web Server, VPN Server, Time Server.

Call Technics One LLC - 609-625-1555 now for free and full evaluation of your network and find out how can Technics One LLC and Xandros Linux can save your organization money.

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